rockinsamantha on MUSIC for typepad pt2

I love music. Music is mostly my everything to me. I can collect as much music as I wanted cause it makes me feel so good. Music inspires me,desires me,and everything else mostly. Music is my top thing that comes and goes to me. Music is fun and is my #1 favorite hobby. Hot Topic makes me feel good about music,too. Music is something that I am interested in,that I know alot about,and that I know best. Music,Music,Music,Music,Music,and more Music. I like people that are interested in music whether they collect or do music and all of the above. Music has always been good to me. Music is my biggest interest,influence,impact,thing,etc that comes to mind. Music is the best that I ever had to have with me,and its all over me. I can never get enough music cause music is way too fun.-rockinsamantha on wordpress *

About rockinsamantha

I love music,nature,purple, friends & family,weather, Health & Fitness,Talk,Chat, Love,Musical Events,Paramore ,The Ready Set,Owl City,and Others
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  1. Music is my biggest interest and influence in my life. I love buying cd’s,DVD’s,and magazines on music. I love to collect music forever. Music is mostly my everything to me and it’s my biggest impact,influence,and thing to date. Music makes me feel good and happy alot of ways. Music,Music,Music,Music,Music,and more Music. I am all about music and Music is what made me. Music is apart of me and am glad to have it with me right now,etc in future.-rockinsamantha on wordpress

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